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(computer science) having a computer act exactly like a terminal

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z/Scope Anywhere web-to-host terminal emulator comes with an array of useful features.
VanDyke products include the VShell server, SecureCRT(R) for remote access and data tunneling, SecureFX(R) for secure file transfer, Entunnel for transparent data tunneling, the CRT terminal emulator for connecting to remote hosts, and AbsoluteFTP(R) for public file transfer.
Applications for the 8310 series attenuators range from providing control of a single SmartStep attenuator in a bench test or lab environment using a PC and a terminal emulator to complex multichannel system applications where the 8310 unit is employed to control many devices to create custom subsystems to reduce design cost and increase flexibility.
Jeff Rothenberg (1998), for example, has been exploring a process by which electronic records would be "bundled" with the software on which they were written and with a terminal emulator as well, making the entire archive self-contained electronically and retrievable on any future generations of hardware.
Java technology-based, the eSuite WorkPlace provides JavaStation users with an easy-to-navigate desktop environment including an integrated Web browser, terminal emulator, file manager, e-mail and a set of compact business productivity applets: word processor, spreadsheet, calendar, address book and presentation graphics.
All of them run at minimum a 3270 terminal emulator to access the online catalog and a telnet application to reach OCLC's FirstSearch Service.
If data storage, data presentation and processing is all performed on the "server," then your just purchased a mainframe system that has your expensive multimedia Pentium operating as a terminal emulator.
Attached to the basic CPU is a 545 MB Mountain tape drive, a second 350 MB hard drive, a Toshiba double speed CD-ROM player, a 3270 IBM terminal emulator, a Hewlett Packard LaserJet III, a US Robotics 14,400-baud modem, a mouse and the requisite parallel and serial ports.
For example, if a person is being prepared to work in a job which requires use of an IBM 3278 terminal workstation, the employee would probably require training on an IBM personal computer or compatible, the selected access system, a 3278 terminal emulator, and whatever software is being used for the application performed by the employee.
The application is built using the AccuTerm GUI, allowing any Windows user with a current AccuTerm terminal emulator to define and generate attractive Excel worksheets from a graphical user interface.
Houston, TX, September 26, 2010 --(PR.com)-- As with other virtualization technologies, Microsoft's App-V can make applications, including the PASSPORT terminal emulator, readily available to every desktop in the enterprise.
Reflection 2011 is the most advanced Windows-based terminal emulator on the market, built on .NET and with a Windows 7 look and feel.
The STeller interface communicates with the host through a TCP/IP Windows socket, avoiding the cost of a terminal emulator program.
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