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a Mediterranean tree yielding Chian turpentine

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Perhaps conveniently, he is also mad, a one-eyed humpback in a silk robe and a black beret, who goes on too much, in his grape bower, his cave, his magic barrel, the cleft of his terebinth tree, about "his patron and protector," the hermit Darius and a hunter "who draws lions in the sand:' Khilmi belongs to another literature entirely, the Koran and Arabian Nights.
000 oak and terebinth trees this year in the regions of Sarokhia and Ranques; along the Lebanese borders.
Then Shacham leads the way to a crop bed under development, where deep-rooted terebinth trees and date palms have been planted as a break against wind and erosion.
It was established for preserving oak and terebinth trees in addition to protecting rare plant species such as maple, Syrian pear, Fir trees and some species of oak trees.
Villagers in the Syrian countryside are very interested in harvesting the fruits of Terebinth trees where women reap their fruits at the end of summer to sell them at the markets.