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a city in west central Mexico

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Mexico: Nayarit, Tepic predio Camichin I: 27-III-2015 (1 [masculinidad]); y Xalisco predios Xalisco I: 10-IV-2015 (1 [masculinidad]), y Xalisco UAA: 11-III-2015 (1 [feminidad]).
Dinamica de nitrogeno en arboles de litchi cv Brewster de ocho anos de edad, en diferentes etapas fenologicas, ubicados en el Cerro del Tigre, Tepic, Nayarit.
In March 2016, RCO filed a proposal to participate in a public bid process conducted by Mexico's Federal Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT as for its Spanish acronym) in order to grant a 30-year concession for the construction and operation of the Tepic - San Blas toll road.
For example, the TEPIC participants showed a greater grasp on "received knowledge" and "experiential knowledge" (Wallace as cited in Bailey et al., 2001, p.
After collection the fish were transported to the wet laboratory located in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico, where the experiment was conducted.
Psychosocial Factors and Burnout Syndrome Found in Workers in the Dough Processing Industry, Tepic, Mexico
Embora a aditividade dos codigos pictoricos e verbais possa facilitar o processo de recordacao (Paivio, 1986), a demanda pela verbalizacao interna requer tempo que, no caso do TEPIC, esta limitado pela exposicao rapida de uma lamina com muitos estimulos para serem processados.
The counties of Nayarit with the largest avocado acreage planted are Tepic, Xalisco and San Blas.
Summary: Moody's de Mexico downgraded the Municipality of Tepic's issuer ratings to B3.mx