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genus of tropical and subtropical herbs or shrubs: hoary peas

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Effective extracts, such as bitterwood (Quassia amara, Simaroubaceae), wild "tacaco" (Sechium pittieri, Cucurbitaceae), mother of cocoa (Gliricidia sepium, Fabaceae), wild sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia, Asteraceae), balsam pear (Momordica charantia, Cucurbitaceae) and fish bean (Tephrosia vogelii, Fabaceae), contain a large array of substances which seem to work in a synergistic way (Hilje, 2007).
Kokkalou, "Phytochemical analysis with the antioxidant and aldose reductase inhibitory capacities of Tephrosia humilis aerial parts' extracts," Natural Product Research., vol.
According to [133] sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea), tephrosia (Tephrosia vogelii) and velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens) green manure often resulted in maize yields of 3-6 t [ha.sup.-1] even with no addition of mineral N fertilizer.
Asteraceae Herb * Taraxacum officinale Weber Asteraceae Herb Tephrosia capensis (Jacq.) Fabaceae Herb Pers.
We expect similar extrafloral nectar to be present on other important, wild-occurring host plants such as Sesbania rostrata (Fabales: Fabaceae) and Tephrosia platycarpa (Fabales: Fabaceae), known to harbor important pod borer populations [40], which might also be visited by foraging T.
Kokate, "Antihepatotoxic activity of eclipta alba, tephrosia purpurea and boerhaavia diffusa," Ancient Science of Life, vol.
myrrh [116], Ocimum suave [179], Margaritaria discoidea [174], Tephrosia vogelii [199], Azadirachta indica [46, 141, 142, 212], Nicotiana tabacum [43], Gynandropsis gynandra [44, 109, 120], Euphorbia candelabrum [140], and Ageratum houstonianum [126].
Apocynaceae M latifolia Millettia pinnata Fabaceae L Millettia pinnata Fabaceae L Neorautanenia Fabaceae W 28 amboensis Tephrosia purpurea Fabaceae P Amorpha fruticosa Fabaceae L Piscidia erythrina Fabaceae T 29 Gymnadenia conopsea Orchidaceae M Bletilla striata Orchidaceae M 30 Taiwania Cupressaceae T cryptomerioides Chamaecyparis Cupressaceae T formosensis Cryptomeria japonica Cupressaceae T 31 Gutierrezia microcephala Asteraceae P Saussurea lappa Asteraceae M Artemisia spp.
(18.) Lodhi S, Pawar RS, Jain AP, Singhai AK, Wound healing potential of Tephrosia purpurea (Linn.) Pers.
Co-management measures adopted include a ban on gillnets, bed nets, dynamite fishing, and the use of fish poison (tephrosia).
In the Mangampeta mining area, the predominantly occurring plants are Tephrosia purpurea, Tridax procumbens, Ocimum sanctum, Anisomeles malabarica, Cissus quadrangularis, Kirganelia reticulata, and Citrillus colocynthis, Some important tree species in this area include Pongamia pinnata and Prosopis juliflora, Agricultural lands with paddy and plantations such as banana, lemon, orange, and mango cover the plains around Mangampeta (Raghu, 2001).
(24.) Sharma R, Mehan S, Kalra S, and Khanna D., Tephrosia purpurea--a magical herb with blessings in human biological system.
2005.-Biomasa seca y contenido de nutrientes de Cajanus cajan, Crotalaria juncea y Tephrosia candida, empleadas como abonos verdes en cafetales.