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(Judaism) either of two small leather cases containing texts from the Hebrew Scriptures (known collectively as tefillin)


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In the article, Zangwill eulogized the national dream that "gladdens the simple heart of the Russian pauper as he sings the hymns of hope and trust after his humble Friday night's meal"; yet he described the Jewish culture of his day as one in which "a man who belongs to a synagogue, marries within the pale, subscribes to the charities and the Jewish Chronicle, fasts on the Day of Atonement, and eats unleavened bread on Passover, over and above fulfilling the not specifically Jewish duties of a good man and citizen, is almost an ideal Jew." [26] At the same time, he imagined a hypothetical future Judaism that, "in view of the possible elimination of circumcision and Tephillin, of the dietary laws, of even Passover and the beautiful Seder-night, ...