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the strength of material expressed as the greatest longitudinal stress it can bear without tearing apart

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In clinical setting and during graft tensioning the tensile force on the grafts is much lower than what is exerted during testing by tensile machine (120 N versus 1579).
Cohesion energies at 5[degrees]C and 10[degrees]C determined by force ductility method change between 1.1 and 4.8 J/[cm.sup.2] and are rather independent of temperature and time of modification whereas those of maximal tensile forces have larger values for samples modified at 190[degrees]C.
In addition, it also helps in securing the reduction by decreasing the tensile forces, which are exerted by the quadriceps muscle during knee flexion.
From Figure 19, the limit displacement of the joint during the drawing process is 2.5 mm, and the ultimate tensile force is 91147.4 N.
Determining the mean tensile force in cables through vibration methods has been widely studied [10-12].
Results of the tensile test Test Compaction Laminating Tensile force, force, N [+ or -] 20 N speed, m/min N [+ or -] 0.5% 1 80 0.3 2103 2 80 0.3 5730 3 80 0.4 1726 4 80 0.4 737 5 80 0.5 4915 6 80 0.5 2313 7 322 0.3 2848 8 322 0.3 3336 9 322 0.4 6360 10 322 0.4 6945 11 322 0.5 905 12 322 0.5 5333 13 563 0.3 4340 14 563 0.3 4240 15 563 0.4 2712 16 563 0.4 6315 17 563 0.5 1061 18 563 0.5 3352 Muutuva kiusuunaga komposiitlaminaadi valmistamine
where [F.sub.compr, element] is the compression force between elements, [[DELTA]F.sub.tens,ring] is the difference in ring tensile force between the two straight sides, [T.sub.prim] is the input torque, [R.sub.prim] is the radius of the primary pulley, and [T.sub.1] and [T.sub.2] are the belt tensile forces of side A and side B in Figure 12.
Failure Behavior: Tensile Force. The tensile force to displacement relationship is shown in Figure 10 for each sample individually.
Note that a compressive initial fastener force is positive and the tensile force is negative.
According to the tensile force formula, the force was calculated by Hooke's law [32]:
Accordingly, the tensile force and shear force were obtained when the relative translations between the two nodes of the connector element were generated along the directions of segment opening and dislocation, respectively.
Moreover, persistent tensile force of suture line may also facilitate Hem-o-lok migrating into renal pelvis before the sutures absorbed and embedded by the renal pelvis.
The tensile force (134 N) was loaded uniformly onto the proximal part of the ligament in the direction of long axis of ACL.