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English cartoonist (1820-1914)

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Tenniel overlooked them entirely; but Jansson makes these lamps prominent and hypnotising, illuminating what she saw as the book's sense of terror, and offering, at the same time, a 'shiver of pleasure'.
Even Michael Hancher's valuable work on Tenniel and Carroll's illustrations provides minimal discussion regarding page layouts and text-image interactions.
John Tenniel complained that the printing of the pictures was unsatisfactory; Carroll accepted Tenniel's decision.
John Tenniel, "The Haunted Lady, or The Ghost in the Looking Glass," Punch 45 (1863): 5.
I showed students the wonderful Alice in Wonderland illustrations by John Tenniel and the more contemporary graphic work of Barry Moser.
The Cremation Society had been founded in 1874 and among its members were such luminaries as Sir John Tenniel, illustrator of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the novelist Anthony Trollope and the worldrenowned artist Sir John Everett Millais.
Tenniel gives these hybrid animal/non-animal creatures life in the drawing that accompanies Humpty-Dumpty's lesson, and in which the mythical Jabberwocky himself is now nowhere to be seen [fig.
Alice] didn't feel a bit surprised at finding the Red Queen and the White Queen sitting close to her, one on each side'),(26) and an illustration by John Tenniel that represents them this way.
Vice chairman of Mission Hills Group Tenniel Chu said: "We're happy the 2013 edition of the World Cup of Golf will be staged at Australia's Royal Melbourne Golf Club.
Uno de ellos ensayo una apropiacion de John Tenniel, su version del Sombrerero Loco & Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas, para fijar al Madero acusado de imponer a su vicepresidente, Jose Maria Pino Suarez.
Que raro que a Lewis Carroll le desagradaban mucho las ilustraciones de Tenniel y para nosotros ya son parte integral del libro.
Hurrying up the steps of the Elysee the morning after taking office Hollande looked very like the Tenniel drawing of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.
Las ilustraciones de Tenniel y Dore--<<uno tendria la vida resuelta si lo hubiera conocido antes>>--, los grabados y las novelas largas.
Otra variante respecto al texto autografo anterior, aceptada a reganadientes por Lewis Carroll, fue la imposicion de que las ilustraciones estuvieran a cargo de John Tenniel, conocido dibujante ingles, famoso como retratista y caricaturista de figuras politicas.
A bright yet soft design by Irvin Cheung brilliantly complements images with the inclusion of illustrations by Sir John Tenniel.