Tennessee walker

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a horse marked by stamina and trained to move at a fast running walk

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Historical action, romance, and modern mystery unite as Maggie and her crew solve the mystery of The Spy on the Tennessee Walker.
From the Tennessee Walker to the flashy Friesian to the splashy Appaloosa, here are ten fabulous, beautiful breeds of horses to finish individually with realistic coat, patterns and markings, offering hours of satisfying and educational creative activity.
The Tennessee Walker is a showy, high-striding horse that is popular both for the way it looks in motion and the comfort that the buttery smooth, easy gait offers the rider.
Back in 1995, I was coaxed into riding a very young, high-spirited, moody, male Tennessee Walker, and when I got on the horse, it took off on a frenzied gallop.
She was bred for endurance and distance riding, and her gait, unlike that of many breeds, is especially smooth, thanks to her Tennessee Walker genes.
A horse enthusiast, she kept Morgans and Tennessee Walkers at a 3,000-acre cattle ranch she and Bill owned near Myakka City.
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