Ten Commandments

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the biblical commandments of Moses


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With respect to the public posting of the Ten Commandments, the Supreme Court has only decided one case that is "directly on point." In 1981 it held in Stone v.
Describing the Decalogue as a "sacred text in the Jewish and Christian faiths," the court emphasized that many Commandments are not confined to "secular matters," but rather prescribe the "religious duties of believers." Thus, the purpose and effect of posting the Ten Commandments, the court said, is to "induce the school children ...
Instead of the Ten Commandments, the Ark of Hope contains a papyrus version of the Earth Charter and other writings, including those from children supposedly expressing their hopes and aspirations for the world.
The featured items would include the Ten Commandments, the Magna Carta, the Mayflower Compact, the national motto, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the preamble of the Georgia Constitution, the Star-Spangled Banner and a picture of Lady Justice.
Meanwhile, the Religious Liberties Restoration Act (S-1558), currently under consideration in the Senate Judiciary Committee, would restrict federal review of the Ten Commandments, the motto "In God We Trust," and the Pledge of Allegiance.