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a knight of a religious military order established in 1118 to protect pilgrims and the Holy Sepulcher

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At the beginning of last episode, De Nogaret told King Philip that the Red Knights could take on the Templars as they are "as battle-hardened and as brutal.
The author explains the Templars' motivation to create a country far from the grasp of Rome, where they could conduct their living resurrection initiation--whose candidates were declared "risen from the dead"--a secret for which the Church silenced millions and which the Templars protected to the death.
12 January 2018 - New York, US-based public relations agency Vested has acquired UK-based financial communications agency Templars Communications as part of a strategy to expand into the European market, the company said.
An ancient document discovered in 2001 revealed Clement absolved The Templars of all the heresies they were accused of in 1308, four years before the order was disbanded.
The area has strong links to the Knights Templar and the land was used to generate cash for the protection of the Holy Land during the Middle Ages.
Soldiers of Christ: The Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller in Medieval Ireland
The Seal is a massive story about the last days of the Templars.
But, as this programme reveals, after falling foul of France's King Philip IV in the 14th century, the Templars were declared to be devil-worshippers and shunned.
He said: "This novel spans the 14th Century to the present and maps the search for Templars who fled France and hid the order's treasures.
Because, of all the Crusading orders of the High and Late Middle Ages contemporaneous with Dante or nearly so, the Templars led in three respects: they were the wealthiest, being leaders in European banking; the most persecuted, both by the Inquisition and by military factions; and they responded so deeply to gnostic religious-philosophical insights that titles like the King of Jerusalem and names like Bernard of Clairvaux are inseparable from their movement.
In 1307, the king of France ordered the mass arrest of all Templars in his kingdom.
During the Revolutionary War nearly three quarters of the Middle Templars in the colonies supported the revolution, but the remainder, numbering 41 loyalists had a difficult time after the war.
The proceedings against the Templars in the British Isles; v.
Templars and Hospitallers as Professed Religious in the Holy Land.
Modern writers hardly ever mention them, except to say vaguely that they were something like the Templars.