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Synonyms for regulation

Synonyms for regulation

a principle governing affairs within or among political units

a code or set of codes governing action or procedure, for example

Synonyms for regulation

an authoritative rule

the state of being controlled or governed

(embryology) the ability of an early embryo to continue normal development after its structure has been somehow damaged or altered

the act of bringing to uniformity

the act of controlling or directing according to rule

prescribed by or according to regulation

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The autonomic nervous system controls involuntary, but essential, body processes, such as heartbeat, blood pressure, digestion and temperature regulation, among others.
It covers the basics of structure and function, body water, blood and its functions, specific body systems, body heat and temperature regulation, reproduction, and lactation.
IComfort sleep systems' standout features include the use of Triple Effects Gel Memory Foam, a gel infused memory foam which serves three purposes - pressure point relief, support for spinal alignment and temperature regulation; the Cool Action Gel Memory Foam, Serta's original gel memory foam that employs tiny gel beads for specialized support, pressure relied and thermal dissipation; and the EverCool Plus Memory Foam which provides cradling support to the body while also maintaining adequate heat dissipation.
DIC has installed three multireaction tanks--which enable a high degree of freedom in temperature regulation and paddle configuration--at its Hokuriku Plant, a synthetic resins production facility in the city of Hakusan Ishikawa Prefecture, with the aim of improving production efficiency.
com) to give away a swanky Timberline 850--featuring WiFire to connect the grill to your phone's Traeger app for easy temperature regulation and access to thousands of grilling recipes.
Abnormal thermal regulation in SCI is mainly due to reduced sensory input to temperature regulation centres and to the loss of sympathetic control of temperature and sweat control below the level of injury [3-7].
Its removable, washable sweatband absorbs four times more liquid than previous models and evaporates sweat faster, resulting in improved worker temperature regulation. The hat is available in QuickFit and Ratchet suspension designs, which are compliant for forward and reverse donning.
The darting fliers cease temperature regulation and go truly torpid at night.
Tests revealed the temperature regulation system can maintain the baby's temperature within 1.5[degrees]C (2.7[degrees]F) of the ideal core temperature at all times.
Multiknit products are primarily used in automotive seating applications and offer several advantages over conventional foam padding including enhanced breathability and improved temperature regulation.
Other features include milk foam, milk temperature regulation, three programmable cup sizes (Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo), four one-touch recipes and 12 pre-programmed hot milk-based coffee recipes.
IKS International's DS-1 benchtop incubator combines accurate temperature regulation per chamber and an equally accurate gas mixer.
Cook (above) has been blessed with perfect temperature regulation and the perfect temperament for an opening batsman.
Cook has been blessed with perfect temperature regulation and the perfect temperament for an opening batsman so when he comes to places like the UAE where the heat is on, he can thrive.
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