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(Roman mythology) goddess of the earth

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Tellus is located at 2009 14th Street North two blocks from the Courthouse Metro (Orange and Silver lines) in the heart of Arlingtons Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor.
2 In relation to the consideration to be paid for the Tellus Transaction, the General Meeting, in its meeting held on 24 August 2015, also resolved to designate the Management Board as the competent body to resolve to the issuance of (up to) 6,000,000 shares in the capital of the Company in one or more tranches, for a period of 2 years as of the day of this meeting and to designate the Management Board of the Company as the competent body to resolve to restrict or to exclude the pre-emptive rights of existing shareholders of the Company in respect of the issuance of the afore-mentioned shares.
7%, Tellus Petroleum with 15%, PGNiG Upstream International with 8% and Det norske ljeselskap ASA with 3.
Tellus aims to complete a geological jigsaw of the island of Ireland and hopes to have half the country covered by the end of 2017.
New Mind | tellUs says its aim is to position the islands as a "world class sustainable tourism destination".
Tellus Resources Limited is an Australian-based mineral exploration company that was incorporated on 21 June 2010.
Tellus, a mobile application enabling you to chat with customer agents at any company, is here to change that.
The newly upgraded, intrinsically safe Earth-Rite Tellus II from Newson Gale Inc.
and the other at the Tellus Science Museum in the town of Cartersville, Ga.
Vestibulum ornare tellus non diam dignissim euismod.
Founded in 1983, Tellus was a subscription-based cassette series highlighting various "sound works"--music, poetry, noise, collage, or, in the case of Kiki Smith's 1982 Life Wants to Live, the audio component of a physical fight between Smith and David Wojnarowicz.
We want him personally to tell us what he is thinking and what his suggestions are; to tellus how many millions we need in the coming months to satisfy the European criteria.
Niigon was trying out Shell Tellus EE, a new hydraulic oil from Shell Lubricants, Houston.
According to the Tellus Institute, almost 90 percent of Massachusetts garbage consists of mixed paper, cardboard, food waste, agricultural waste and other organic materials that could be composted or recycled.