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Synonyms for television

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The officials said that Marcel is manufacturing world-class LED and smart televisions at its own factory in Chandra of Gazipur.
LED mirror televisions available at One Click Direct include all the standard LED HDTV inputs.
Quarterly sales of televisions and television displays follow this same broad trend, with one exception, flat-panel television sets see 40 percent of total annual shipments in the fourth quarter--a trend common for new products.
McHale for the grand opening of the middle school's new state-of-the-art television studio.
The latest device also makes use of new pixel surface smoothing technology that delivers high reflectivity to achieve the brightness demanded from devices used in consumer projection televisions. When combined with the high resolution of full HD technology and the high aperture ratio of reflective liquid crystal devices, the technology makes possible the development of high performance projection televisions that offer smooth, exquisite images from screen edge to screen edge.
Pioneer recently launched new plasma televisions and a new DVD recorder in the region.
Digital televisions are not much different from a computer monitor, so the move to these televisions was not a stretch for Gateway," said Jamie Campbell, director of digital television at Gateway.
WOW delivers audio that explodes beyond the television speakers and fills the room with a panoramic 3D soundstage with enhanced bass from even the smallest speakers, such as those found in thin profile TVs, such as the new VU29.
The FCC ruling, or "order" as it is called by FCC officials, mandates that all new televisions sold in the U.S.--with an implementation schedule based on screen size--must include an internal digital TV (DTV) tuner by 2007.
The average CRT (the leaded glass picture tube inside the monitor or television) contains 5-8 pounds of lead.
As the television industry matured over the last 50 years, technological improvements, increased demand for video programming, and the easing of some regulations helped shift employment from broadcast television to cable and other pay television services
The early stages of convergence have already begun to infiltrate our daily lives by changing mundane objects such as televisions and telephones into appliance/PC hybrids known as information appliances.
Also look for the movie-theater-like, realistic picture and surround-sound of high-definition televisions (HDTV), available in select cities since November; the finer detail and improved color of digital televisions (DTV); and the very practical home-theater-in-a-box, a one-package surround-sound system.
Carroll contends that the "world" that television offers viewers in a perceptually realistic way is a distortion of society.