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(from a combination of MOdulate and DEModulate) electronic equipment consisting of a device used to connect computers by a telephone line

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By 1979, CARE released a new system that worked by facilities entering data at their location on a small computer and then transmitting the data to CARE's mainframe via telephone modem for processing.
The new generation of cryogenic deflashing machines uses the latest in technology offering options such as programmable controllers with numerous deflashing "recipes" for automatic operation, networking capabilities, bar coding abilities, message centers, SPC reporting, telephone modem hook-ups and RS 232 ports which allow the use of printers and report generation.
In fact, a file that would take 5 minutes to download by a conventional telephone modem would take about two seconds via Road Runner, Klein said.
telephone modem for remote monitoring or telephone assistance;
The company's maintenance co-ordinator can monitor and diagnose the systems from his home at night through the use of a personal computer and telephone modem.
A client whose mobility is severely impaired may gain access to the outside world with a computer that includes a telephone modem.
8 Kbps telephone modem, is expected to sell for $999.