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Roger Nyhus AGE: 32 HOME: Seattle JOB: Director of corporate communications, Teledesic LLC ANNUAL INCOME: $100,000
Teledesic Corporation has developed a system that it claims will use 288 satellites in low earth orbit.
Teledesic is a NGSO FSS system that will be using the band 28.6 GHz to 29.1 GHz for uplink communications when it starts operation sometime between the year 2003 and 2005.
New data services are expected later this year from Hughes and Globalstar (a subsidiary of Vodaphone Airtouch); future service will be available from ICO Global and Teledesic. (The latter expects service to begin in 2004 with a network of 288 satellites.)
(***): Higher limit for satellites such as Teledesic.
"There's a growth cycle for any startup," says new Load CEO Jack Kennedy, who most recently was former strategic adviser and acting director of corporate development at satellite-based Internet service Teledesic, and a manager at venture capitalist fund Idanta Partners.
The advent of constellations such as Iridium (66 satellites), Teledesic (228 satellites), Skybridge (80 satellites) and Globalstar (48 satellites) suggests that LEO constellations could become the basis of future two-way wireless communications systems.
Unless the regulatory structure and the businesses it supports evolve, in five to seven years they could be rendered largely obsolete by deployment of Ka band satellite systems such as Teledesic and Spaceway.
Teledesic chose Motorola to supply the satellites for its system that will provide high-speed Internet access by satellite.
McCaw and his affiliated companies Teledesic Llc and Eagle River Investments Llc, forms part of up to USSD1.2bn that a group of investors has agreed to provide to ICO subject to confirmation and consummation of a reorganisation plan, as well as other conditions.
Separately, internet via satellite venture Teledesic LLC yesterday announced it had beefed up its European presence with the appointment of former NATO official and German army officer Klaus Naumann as MD for Europe.
The Leo satellite race is very crowded at the moment with at least five competing services busy launching "birds" - the most ambitious being Teledesic financed by Microsoft's Bill Gates with other partners including Boeing and Motorola.
Wireless pioneer Craig McCaw is taking a different approach with his new venture, Teledesic LLC, based in Kirkland, Wash.
Most recently, he headed user equipment operations at Teledesic.