chlorpheniramine maleate

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an antihistamine (trade names Coricidin and Chlor-Trimeton)

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Michael Finamore, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gemini Pharmaceuticals states "the addition of the Sine-Off and Teldrin families to our portfolio significantly expands our presence in the cough & cold category, and also adds to the varied products and services we can provide to our retail and chain-drug customers.
The executive, who took the helm at the company in January, notes that he is proud of the accomplishments of his predecessors, who helped Hogil prosper by acquiring such over-the-counter brands as Orafix (denture adhesives), Sine-Off (sinus medication) and Teldrin (allergy medication, which is also suitable for high-blood pressure patients).
president David Trager, whose company's competing Teldrin medication is being marketed as a product suitable for allergy sufferers with high blood pressure.
Whether it is supplying a hay fever medication in the form of Teldrin or a denture adhesive with its Orafix line, Hogil strives to make sure merchants are getting the utmost from their efforts in various merchandise segments.
s Teldrin HBP is an allergy product designed specifically for people with high blood pressure, whose condition means they cannot take decongestants.
In drug stores the three Teldrin SKUs outsell 80%, 69% and 48% of competitive allergy items, according to ACNielsen data cited by the Hogil spokeswoman.
Adding Efidac 24 for colds (with pseudoephedrine) and Efidac 24 for allergies (with chlorpheniramine) to Hogil's lineup of Sine-Off and Teldrin allergy gives the supplier a strong presence in the categories, according to a spokeswoman.
The supplier bought Sine-Off in a transaction that also gave it rights to Teldrin, an allergy treatment, and ORAfix, a denture adhesive.
For example, Teldrin is among the most popular allergy and hay fever relief products on chain drug store shelves, according to Spector.