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a tough youth of 1950's and 1960's wearing Edwardian style clothes

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The Teddy boy and Ellen passed Mr Jones dancing and laughing, and left the ward.
OLYMPIC LETDOWN: The closing ceremony and a teddy boy, left.
Here, Teddy Boys sporting their best drapes on the road to a nightclub in Newcastle.
The 'reign of terror' and the idea of Teddy boy culture being cut literally into the flesh of innocent victims provides a powerful image for the way in which the spectre of the delinquent youngster gets carved into the collective psyche of 1950s mainstream culture.
Like most neighborhood gangs, Teddy Boy gangs were not altruistic.
Teddy Boy will be awed by the depth of popular discussions in the national language in forums, community chats, assemblies, academic conferences, if he tries to learn his people's language, members of Tanggol Wika ended.
Be it mods, rockers, ravers, rappers, teddy boys or yobs, teenagers throughout the decades have long distinguished themselves from the older generation by the music they listen to and the clothes they wear.
The former England captain looked like a British Teddy Boy in the snaps taken for glossy mag Fantastic Man.
We ended up having a drink at the Teddy Boy milk bar.
Teddy Boy Keith vs Masked Man at the Hoppings, June |1978.
Nevertheless, I cannot guarantee to persuade my Teddy boy members to forsake their present garb in favour of that as worn by the supporters of the late King Charles I and Mr Hardy for the present must hear his sufferings with fortitude.
Steve, a grandfather of 11 from Bolton, added: "I lived in the Teddy Boy era when you had to deal with people coming at you with bike chains.
WHEN Teddy Boy Vernon Serplus married his love, Ann, he had PS5 in his pocket.
Teddy boy Gerry Byrne, affectionately known as The Alligator, used to travel the country with his mobile Rock'n'Roll Hop encouraging a generation to bop and jive the night away.
CASE STUDIES Teddy Boy Keith still has style GRANDAD Keith Phelan, of Hebburn, is a Teddy Boy through and through.