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a tough youth of 1950's and 1960's wearing Edwardian style clothes

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Later we had the teddy boys, consumptive chests in fine drapes, grease on velvet collars, and skinny legs in drainpipes leading to feet, which looked so long and wide on their beetle-crusher soles.
We were the original -and best - youth movement, which is why the teddy boy era is recalled with great affection.
In his day job Richard has even dressed up in the Teddy Boy gear to give a presentation while on a company team-building course.
Slick-guiffed Simon Lee, one of the first Teddy Boys in Liverpool, came up from the direction of Jackson's Pond in a cheguered shirt, tight jeans and crepe-soled shoes.
The medium asked to be left alone so he could give Jango a good talking to about not letting the BSA-riding Teddy Boy ghosts riders lead him astray.
CLOSE SHAVE: Dave "Sweeney Todd" Parker cuts Angus Harbottle's hair, and the old shop READY, TEDDY GO: Teddy boys parade down Waterloo Street in Newcastle in this archive snap NO SHORT CUT: Customers wait in the queue, and the original shop and its proud staff
an almost unrecognisable Michael Douglas in scruffy jeans and teddy boy haircut.
We have the little Tyneside princess who lived in a castle, the teddy boy who loved to fight on the Town Moor, and the cinema projectionist who interrupted his job to fight Japanese kamikaze pilots.
The complete outfit would set a modern-day teddy boy back about pounds 90.
Showaddywaddy, still in their trademark teddy boy jackets, but perhaps not quite so youthful anymore, gave an energetic performance.
It shows his brother Philip (middle) dressed as a Teddy Boy with his friends in 1958.
COVENTRY'S Herbert Art Gallery and Museum has launched an appeal for a 1950s former teddy boy who might still have his original drape jacket, drainpipe trousers and winkle-picker shoes.
In Paul Henry's case, it is black shoes, trousers and waistcoat, topped by an apple green teddy boy coat with black trimmings.
Were you a Teddy Boy or Teddy Girl in the late 70s?
I was a teddy boy way back then and on a weekend couldn't wait to discard my overalls, get dressed in my drape suit and blue suede shoes, and head for the Bay.