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a tough youth of 1950's and 1960's wearing Edwardian style clothes

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She saw Ted fall, rise, fall again, and lie where he had fallen; and then she was aware that Tom was speaking.
She desired overwhelmingly that he should win, that he should not be hurt, that he should sweep triumphantly over Albert Parsons as he had swept over Ted Pringle.
Albert, moreover, was made of sterner stuff than Ted.
I--I've arranged it with Ted and Albert, and now I've come to explain to you, Joe.
TED will broadcast the TED Talks in real time to nearly 250 simultaneous TEDxWomen events held in 68 countries around the world.
visitBerlin and several other city agencies are supporting the event, as well as TED partners Daimler, BCG and StateStreet.
The predictable Ted Mosby, however, could be finally done with Robin Scherbatsky.
Kohl's is committed to children's education, and we are pleased to continue our partnership with TED to help further advance the TED-Ed platform," said Kevin Mansell, Kohl's chairman, president and chief executive officer.
According to TED, users of its new app, which is based on technology developed by software and media company Atavist, can now embed video and audio content, timelines and links to outside sources, as well as social features that allow readers to discuss the book online.
The NMFS TED excluded 89% of the turtles that entered the net and had no statistically significant loss of shrimp.
Ted, the patriarch of America's Irish Catholic "Kennedy Clan", has been ravaged by deadly brain cancer.
In 1956, like all those involved with the Review, Sylvia and Ted were young, unknown Cambridge undergraduates.
To those who know Ted well, it's really no surprise.
104 Brian is left responsible in Ted's living will for pulling the plug on Ted if need be.
This extraordinary attention to persons enabled Ted to humanize the staff relationships of the World Council of Churches; to be sensitive to the needs of outsiders in society such as aboriginal people in Canada and black South Africans and to refuse to label or demonize people who may have become polarized in a debate.