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a tough youth of 1950's and 1960's wearing Edwardian style clothes

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The fact that TED talks have not only become immensely popular but also associated with a valorized way of presenting information can be seen in NPR's TED Radio Hour, a weekly nation-wide radio broadcast, the "Big Fat Ideas" talk series on iTunesU, and books such as Carmine Gallo's Talk Like TED (2014).
They show Ted to have been an effective and inspiring leader with boundless courage during his time as commander of the 1st Infantry Division's 26th Infantry Regiment.
In this sense, the present experiment aimed to compare the performance on the catches and catch per unit of effort (CPUE) of the pink shrimp obtained in the simultaneous operation of one net equipped with a TED and the other with any selective device.
But their application is red flagged because the state of Massachusetts recognises Ted as a piece of property not a person.
The sweetness and romance, which distinguished the original Ted, have been diluted to the point of blandness here and a climactic set piece at a pop culture convention is an unsightly mess.
Paddy McGuinness, who plays Phoenix club doorman Paddy, tweeted: "Tonight's show will go ahead, if we didn't Ted would kick our a***s.
The predictable Ted Mosby, however, could be finally done with Robin Scherbatsky.
Engaging incisive minds from a diverse range of backgrounds is a passion at the core of both BCG and TED.
California: As a week of mind-bending TED Conference talks ranging from animal necrophilia to fighting poverty ended Friday, inspiring presentations from the renowned gathering were spreading.
Nasdaq: PLCM), the global leader in open, standards-based unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), today announced that TED, the global nonprofit organization known for "Ideas Worth Spreading," is using Polycom[R] RealPresence[R] video collaboration solutions at this week's annual TED conference (February 25 - March 1) to connect its two principal locations - TED2013 in Long Beach and TEDActive2013 in Palm Springs, Calif.
TED-ED, AN ONLINE CONTENT associated with TED conferences, went live in April with the goal of enhancing classroom lessons and inspiring lifelong learning.
Launched in 1984, the TED Conference continues to offer "ideas worth spreading" in meetings around the world.
Nonprofit organisation TED announced on Thursday the official launch of the free TED Books app for iPhone and iPad, which updates the current and future line of the short, non-fiction electronic books TED Books, which are produced every two weeks.
The non-profit group behind technology, entertainment and design conferences commonly known as TED has recently launched TED-Ed, an education channel on YouTube.
Specifically, it summarizes the impetus for and results of major NMFS developments and little known events in the TED research and discusses how these influenced the course of subsequent NMFS research.