plate tectonics

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the branch of geology studying the folding and faulting of the earth's crust

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Tectonic plates, those large irregularly shaped slabs of solid rock that continuously shift from under our feet, are often referred to as "alive." Generally made from both oceanic and continental lithosphere, these plates continuously go to and forth, bumping into each other and forming the shape and topography of the lithosphere we have today.
considering the role of heat energy and convection currents in the movement of tectonic plates; and
The researchers' attenuation data imply that molten rock here is found even deeper within the Earth than scientists had thought previously This in turn helps them understand the processes by which Earth's tectonic plates are built, as well as the deep plumbing of volcanic systems.
They developed a method to analyse the relative motion of 56 hot spots grouped by tectonic plates.
And they do want to shift the tectonic plates. But the question is whether their criticism marks the first stirrings of a tectonic shift or whether it is just froth.
where r is the radius vector and v' is the horizontal velocity of the tectonic plate.
During the five-week expedition they will use explorer robots to map individual volcanoes on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge tectonic plate boundary.
"The world's biggest earthquakes occur on tectonic plate margins.
NEPTUNE scientists seek to wire an entire tectonic plate off the Pacific Northwest with thousands of sensors both above and below the sea floor, all of them delivering real-time data to scientists on shore.
One 620-mile-long tectonic plate buried miles beneath the ocean floor slipped and crashed onto another plate, causing an earthquake 200 times more powerful than the Northridge temblor of 1994.
There's a decade-old hypothesis to which I unashamedly lay independent claim, in that the Moon is the prime mover for tectonic plate activity.
The region was struck by a series of tremors over 6.0 on the open-ended Richter scale early last year, with Chinese seismologists attributing the geologic activity to a collision between the Indian tectonic plate and the Asian-European tectonic plate.
The Pacific Ocean lies on the Pacific tectonic plate, which joins with several other plates as you can see in the picture above.
Europa might have the kind of tectonic plate activity that causes earthquakes here on our planet, and for that moon of Jupiter, it could be essential for supporting alien life.