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His insights into the cultural phenomena of technologism, scientism, positivism, nihilism, gnosticism, the destmction of the family, the forgetfulness of authority, the impoverishment of religion, and the obsession with power, are still fresh, and make the book profoundly interesting for anyone living in the contemporary West.--D.
We need to discriminate again the complex interaction of means and ends when politics and morality become entangled in the ideology of technologism and scientism (Somerville).
Since pragmatism has been sometimes characterized as a dressed up technologism, one might suspect it has little space for ethereal concerns like art and beauty.
For example, his discussion of A Midsummer Night's Dream issues in an allegorization of recent humanism versus technologism. Such explanations stir responses, even in cases where he seems off.
Although he offers enough examples of the ways in which religious language is deployed in relation to these technologies to justify questioning if the posthumanists' faith in technology should be taken literally, he does not follow through with the type of detailed analysis of either their words or the philosophical and practical implications of this claim to justify consistently dismissing them all as "techno-prophets," "techno-priests," "techno-gurus," and "high priests of Technologism." Can a serious consideration of the issues take place when anyone who shows the slightest optimism about technology is lumped, along with the "techno-evangelist" Isaac Asimov, as a naive "techno-pusher"?
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