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a style of fast heavy electronic dance music usually without vocals

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The extent of this marginalisation is traceable through the example of higher education in an emerging economy--India--and the significant role played by the adoption of a techne of neoliberal capitalist belief and practice in creating the conditions for the misrecognition of time in its political context.
The philosophy of CAEP, as seen in many documents, rejects anything beyond techne.
Clearly techne in and of itself is not bad; it enables societies to grow and people to survive.
His vision includes iPad initiatives, orchestras, and a science curriculum that places a high value on STEAM, on techne, and on a quality "classical contemporary" education experience.
Techne Dri-block[R] heaters have been providing laboratories with a safe, dry and precise temperature source for the last 50 years, and the latest models build on this legacy.
Techne said it expects the acquisition to ''slightly'' boost its fiscal year 2014 earnings.
The Ion portrays Socrates in dialogue about the nature of the rhapsodic techne with Ion, a rhapsode or actor, who performs Homer's poetry both in contests and for private audiences.
13) Prometheus is the protector of human kind, a figure who brought techne to mortals by stealing it from the gods.
Posteriormente se intentara demostrar, a partir tanto de la alusion de Platon al poeta Simonides de Ceos en Protagoras, 341d, como de las propiedades del trabajo poetico del mismo Simonides, que esta doctrina platonica de la poesia no puede ser extendida a manera de critica de la concepcion sofistica de la poesia como techne.
Bibby Scientific's new web-based platform brings together special offers on products from all four of the company's internationally recognised brands: Stuart, Jenway, Techne and Electrothermal.
Temperature control specialist, Techne Industrial, has previously supplied hundreds of customers who manufacture plastic extrusions, including tubes, pipes, rods, sheets, films, fibres, electrical cables and other extruded shapes.
The key to understanding why this is so, he contends, is in the unexplored relation between techne and death that can be found in the writings of many of the most prominent philosophers exploring the realm of biopolitics, including Martin Heidegger, Giorgio Agamben, and Roberto Esposito.
I believe it was a techne, a practical idea; born in Tunisia, carried to Egypt, Libya, Syria and beyond.
Techne North America of Fort Worth, Texas, USA, an affiliate of Techne S.