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an ancient city in northwestern Iran

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Markus Hellwig and Jens Koch are in the Iranian city of Tebriz accompanied
The total throughput of the pipeline, which is to run from Tebriz in Iran to Eraskh in southern Armenia, is expected at 1.
Members of the Basij paramilitary force were deployed to suppress the protests in Tehran's Haft Tir square early in the day as clashes with protesters also had broken out in the holy city of Mashhad, Asfahan and the home town of Mousavi Tebriz, .
O, Aras Nehri'nin guneyinde kalan Iran'in kuzeybatisi ile Hazar Denizi'nin guneybati sahillerinden baslayarak Tebriz Erdebil, guneyde Musul ve Kerkuk'e kadar uzanan genis cografi sahadir.
When I learned in Meshed, (42) Tebriz, and Trebizond that the Frenghis (Europeans) do not harm those of different religions, and that no one is greeted with suspicion, which, unfortunately is the case with us in Central Asia, and that Moslems are not harassed as they are in Russia, taking this decision became easy for me as I made my way step by step from the Asian world because I traversed with the help of my traveling companion, as it were, through the various interconnected stages between the two diametrically opposed cultural worlds, making me well prepared to encounter the changes.
fue enviado, primero, al Palacio de Aqqoyunlu en Tebriz, y luego al Palacio de Safavid, en lo que hoy es Iran.