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any of several herbs of the genus Dipsacus native to the Old World having flower heads surrounded by spiny bracts

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Caresfoot 21-Jul-1887 R B Sheridan Lady Teazle (matinee) 23-Jul-1887 R B Sheridan Lady Teazle 28-Jul-1887 R B Sheridan Lady Teazle (matinee) 06-Aug-1887- C H Chambers Angela 20-Aug-1887 J S Little (adap.
The Earl's wife was a celebrated actress, Eliza Farrant, who played Lady Teazle in School for Scandal, so hence the name.
I focus on this moment for its satiric energy and invention, its accumulation of ridiculous detail, but also because it instantiates the essential pattern of The School for Scandal: in every scene--from the screen scene to the portrait auction, from every exchange between Sir Peter and Lady Teazle to every scene with Maria and the slanderers--comic dialogue is staged before a range of characters, some of whom find it entertaining and others who find it appalling and immoral.
In 1907, Lady Teazle of the San Francisco Chronicle outlined the lives of rich and dignified women of the Bay Area on her "Society Chat" page.
6 (Anglo Nubian) 1 Ivybeck Kayaand winner of a BGS Breed Challenge Certificate (R Torrance) 2 Poplartime Zara (R Torrance) 3 Poplartime Teazle (P Kell) 4 Poplartime Yolanda (P Kell)
Candour Marianne Muellerleile Crabtree Edward Hibbert Sir Peter Teazle Brian Bedford Rowley Nick Ullett Sir Toby Bumper, etc.
School for Scandal,'' written in 1777, follows the foibles of Sir Peter Teazle (played by Bedford) who, after marrying a materialistic, much younger wife, finds himself in the eye of a scandalous hurricane, at the mercy of characters sporting names like Mrs.
At the helm of the project is Stefan Gadnell, one of the founders of Aniware, the company behind Scandinavia's most successful computer games: Backpacker, Agharta, Journalist and Teazle.
But best of all is a multi-faceted Lady Teazle, courtesy of the excellent Emma Fielding, and a genuinely funny Charles Surface from Matthew McFadyen.
His brother Joseph, supposedly more respectable, is shown to be a conniving schemer who courts Lady Teazle, the young wife of a wealthy old nobleman.
So, for example, in a fit of passion, as Surface kneels before Maria pleading for her attention, Maria's rival, Lady Teazle, is supposed to appear: "~just then Lady Teazle is seen~ at the arch~" (38).
Sheridan chose the forty-six year old Frances Abington, ~Nosegay Fan' the street flower-seller and prostitute risen to the role of aristocratic courtesan, the centre of a tete-a-tete scandal in the Town and Country Magazine, the ~priestess of fashion', loquacious with her fan, to portray the first Lady Teazle, a young girl drawn to town from a quiet rural background and, in spite of her girlish foolishness, a person of moral perception.
Thus, the screen behind which Lady Teazle hides in the famous scene "signifies a static two-dimensional knowledge that refuses depth" (p.
William Davidge, the celebrated English comedian, made his American debut at the Broadway Theater, New York City, as Sir Peter Teazle in Sheridan's The School for Scandal.
Lady Teazle hides behind a screen in Charles Surface's apartment when her husband, Peter Teazle, comes to ask Charles's advice about his wife.