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United States poet (1884-1933)

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Teasdale was recognized for his work and contributions to three community organizations: Camp Ronald McDonald; Child and Family Guidance Center; and the Armanino Foundation.
Mr Teasdale, owner of Specialist Vermin Control, said: "i have seen worse but the situation in elgin probably ranks at around an eightout-of-10 in seriousness.
The Ken Redfern Trophy is awarded to the rider with the highest points tally over three races, and after dominating the first two, it seemed Stella's Teasdale would once again reign supreme.
But Mr Teasdale, of Duddon Walk, Stockton, told Teesside Magistrates' Court he'd been thrown out of his house by his ex-partner last May and ordered to take his scrap metal to a friend's house.
Teasdale is a provider of private label and branded beans, hominy, peppers, sauces, corn products and seasoning products to the retail, foodservice, wholesale, industrial and international channels.
Mr Teasdale, right, was a founder director of the organisation, which was set up to represent the interests of the industry.
My collaborators on the Teasdale work--Malcolm McKinnon, Ben Speth, Annie Venables, Acey Teasdale and Chris Abrahams.
Teasdale is among those who say the slow recovery from the recession is a top concern.
Lou Teasdale, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan bonded over the weekend at Doncaster, England.
The first African-American woman to be elected an equity partner at Armstrong Teasdale, Foster represents management in all facets of employment and labor law.
Mr Teasdale, of Bradford, will provide sales service and account management while Ms Pearson will provide the first point of customer contact.
Sara Teasdale's "state of emotional irritation" or, more specifically, her dark geniality comes from an initial mood, a memory-image that after being processed and contemplated gives birth to artistic creativity.
Owner Steve Teasdale said: "The store has been very busy thanks to the support of our local community.
Graphic designer James Teasdale, 36, mistook the door for the gents during a night out to watch football.
But according to study authors- Normand Teasdale, Pierre-Luc Gamache, Carol Hudon and Martin Simoneau of Universite Laval in Quibec- the tests they use are inadequate.