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an industrial union of truck drivers and chauffeurs and warehouse workers

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The Teamsters Union was informed that CEO Jordan Hansell has left NetJets.
The Harlingen election results mark the fourth defeat for the Teamsters Union this year in its efforts to organize workers at Con-way Freight.
The Teamsters union has focused on the national issue of landfill safety, Cameron said.
Officially represented at only 22 of Overnite's 166 freight terminals, the Teamsters union has been unable to sign a national contract with the company, one of the nation's largest non-union trucking companies.
The Teamsters Union did not allow a vote, so Columbia implemented the main parts of the offer.
The Teamsters Union is the certified representative for approximately 380 Flight Options pilots who operate luxury business jets for wealthy customers.
We were gratified that our Manchester employees, after having the opportunity to review all the facts and make an informed choice, rejected the Teamsters union and clearly communicated their intention to remain union-free, commented Greg Lehmkuhl, Con-way Freight s president.
The Teamsters union represents around 430 workers at Frontier, including mechanics and related workers, tool room employees, aircraft appearance agents and material specialists.
Teamsters Union leaders indicated they would step up support for supermarket workers if the strike goes on for long, but analysts predicted public support will wane if the dispute is protracted.
3 million Teamsters Union members elect their General President and other top officers to a five-year term this fall in a rank-and-file vote by mail ballot.
29 the Teamsters Union General Executive Board decided to not endorse a presidential candidate at this time.
Ballots were counted Thursday after Teamsters Union members voted over the last several weeks.
The workers have picked up support from SAG, IATSE and the Teamsters union.
A group of flight attendants at Northwest Airlines have reportedly launched a campaign today (17 June) to replace the Teamsters union with a new, independent union - the Professional Flights Attendants Association (PFAA).
The Santa Barbara News-Press has filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against the Teamsters Union for engaging in illegal picketing which was threatening and coercive secondary activity in violation of the National Labor Relations Act.