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a padded cloth covering to keep a teapot warm

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Each section of it is like a giant teacosy,' says Linda, 'which slots over the frame.
Hamlet is no longer a noble prince, but the heir to a corporation fortune who likes to wears a teacosy hat and a permanent frown.
Yet, the minute it snows, they give it the full purple and yellow anoraks, padded breeks, boots by Man at Kvaerner Shipbuilding and hats from the Colour Blind Teacosy Co.
Make teatime fun with this cute-as-you like teacosy, which looks like something you might find at a teddybear''s picnic.
To put this in some kind of perspective, according to the Department of Trade and Industry 40 people required hospital treatment after a mishap involving a teacosy in 1999.
Damon, who lives in Manchester with his girlfriend Claire and two children, is rarely seen without his teacosy hat.