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Teachers' unions OELMEK and POED yesterday hit back at University of Cyprus rector Constantinos Christofides, who accused them in an open letter to the president as being the main culprits for the sorry state of education.
The four major teachers' unions in Wales are all affiliated to the Wales TUC and all have representatives on workforce groups interacting with regional consortia, and local and national government in various forms.
Almost simultaneously, SEIU announced that the Island's union of school principals and supervisors was affiliating with SEIU -- and would attempt to take over the teachers' union.
Villaraigosa, meanwhile, met with teachers' unions, business leaders and the state PTA to pitch his plan to create a council of mayors that would oversee the district and appoint the superintendent, lessening the power of the elected school board.
All the major teachers' unions have voiced concern in recent months over increased levels of disruption and violence in schools.
After months of threats, the National Education Association, the nation's largest teachers' union, did it.
ProComp, as the proposed wage system is called, still needs voter approval, but through painstaking work over the years, it has already received the support of a constituency that could easily have scuttled it: the Denver teachers' union.
Shadow education secretary Tim Collins will outline his plans for tackling bad behaviour in schools to the NASUWT teachers' union.
Districts that want the cash must show up arm-in-arm with their local teachers' union, and submit a plan to require "rigorous tests" for new teachers and to boot teachers who aren't performing.
African-American teachers' union was the eighth local, but Oklahoma City and Chicago soon dropped out under school board threats to fire teachers belonging to the union.
Eiichi Yokoyama, former leader of the Japan Teachers' Union, died Monday of gall bladder cancer at a hospital in the city of Chiba, his family said.
Voucher boosters said board President Robert Hosley, whose wife is a member of a teachers' union, and Debra Martin, a teachers' union member herself, should refrain from voting due to a conflict of interest.
Not surprisingly, the Massachusetts teachers' union opposes the charter-school experiment.
The teachers' union added that the whole situation was ridiculous as those teachers are unpaid but are obliged to pay their social insurance contributions as they are considered self-employed.
The teachers' union is now saying that it is vital that all schools negotiate with parents at the local level.
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