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a heavy odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substances

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To date, the EBRD has financed 457 SME projects under the PolSEFF programme that have resulted in total annual savings of more than 50,000 MWh and 36,000 tCO2. Raiffeisen-Leasing Polska S.A.
La suma de todas las especies quimicas del C[O.sub.2] disuelto se denomina C[O.sub.2] inorganico total: TCO2 = [C[O.sub.2]] + [HC[O.sub.3.sup.-]] + [C[0.sub.3.sup.2-]] (Alvarez Borrego, 2007; Fabry et al., 2008).
dollars), the impact on the global climate (tCO2; tons of carbon dioxide and other climate-active equivalents), the health effects (DALYs or QALYs) and the monetized health benefits (U.S.
The improvements are expected to generate annual savings estimated at 5,614 kNm3 of gas, 7,309 MWh of power, 45,000 m3 of water and 14,918 tCO2. These efficiency gains have been identified by the independent consultant that performed an energy, resource and building stock assessment.Investments in energy efficiency form an integral part of Podravka's wider efforts to strengthen the company's competitiveness.
At the environmental level, the aACoeEarth HouraACA[yen] will reduce more than 420 tCO2 avoided.
Emissions per person have reduced by 19% from 6.6 tCO2 in 2005 to 5.4 tCO2 in 2009.
The differences in TCO2,BEB and HCO3 between 2 groups can also result from that S group contains sportsmen and trained people, their recovery periods are short, lungs give quick answer to decreasing PH by increasing ventilation as compensatuar effect, the change in PCO2 is more important in control group.
The 11th variable (TCO2) was generated in order to calculate AG and [AG.sub.c] Variable ([Z.sub.k]) Units Mean (95% CI) Calculated SD [[Na.sup.+]] mEq/l 140.0 (135.0, 145.0) 2.55 [[K.sup.+]] mEq/l 4.00 (3.35, 4.65) 0.33 [[Ca.sup.+2]] mEq/l 2.50 (2.30, 2.70) 0.10 [[Mg.sup.+2]]] mEq/l 0.80 (0.50, 1.10) 0.15 [[Cl.sup.-]] mEq/l 105.0 (100.0, 110.0) 2.55 [L-lactate] mEq/l 0.80 (0.20, 1.40) 0.30 [alb] g/l 42.0 (35.0, 49.0) 3.60 [Pi] mmol/l 1.15 (0.80, 1.50) 0.18 pH - 7.40 (7.35, 7.45) 0.026 PC[O.sub.2] mmHg 40.0 (35.0, 45.0) 2.55 TC[O.sub.2] mEq/l 26.5 (22.0, 31.0) 2.30 Means and 95% CIs for each variable are courtesy of AUSLAB.
Table 1: Correlation Matrix for Dependent Variables Used in the Cooperation Equations NPRJ TCO2 VINV TCO2YR Number of Projects 1 Total CO2 Abatement 0.812 1 Volume of Investment 0.913 0.946 1 Total CO2 Abatement per year 0.757 0.995 0.919 1 Annual Investment cost 0.870 0.961 0.993 0.945 Table 2: Project-level descriptive statistics Variable Obs Mean Std.
The 'top-ups' are alleged to be the administration of sodium bicarbonate (also known as TCO2) shortly before a race in a bid to gain an edge by reducing lactic acid build-up and, therefore, fatigue.