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a unit of information equal to 1000 gigabits or 10^12 (1,000,000,000,000) bits

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According to the EDT, as a "multi-valent code-switch, a queer technology" (Bias, 2012), the TBIT is a form of productive disruption and collective empowerment that disturbs rituals of border crossing and security by placing surveillance technologies directly in the hands of migrants.
The company stated the Tbit System is the first technology positioned to deliver a rapid and objective point-of-care blood test for concussion diagnosis and uses a patented nanotechnology biosensor to rapidly detect and accurately measure protein biomarkers that are released from the brain immediately following a head trauma.
International passengers arriving at the TBIT will be guided through the concourse via an elevated, secured corridor.
The company's lead product, the Tbit blood test, delivers rapid biologically-based results to accurately confirm a traumatic brain injury/concussion.
The Tbit test platform allows the generation of a test result in between 60 to 90 seconds from a single drop of blood taken within minutes after the suspected injury.
The agreement calls for Westfield to place a high priority on developing areas critical to the opening of the Great Hall/Core and West Gates phases of the new TBIT, which will cover 1.3 million sq ft (120,774[m.sup.2]) and is due for completion in spring 2013.
The TBIT accommodates over 30 airlines and last year they carried more than 8.6 million international travellers, or 57% of LAX's overall 15.1 million international passenger volume.
On October 26 the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners took a significant step towards the modernization of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) by awarding two contracts totalling $1.26 billion to reconfigure the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).
Villaraigosa and airport and airline officials yesterday (26 February) took part in a ceremony to break ground on the renovation of the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at Los Angeles International Airport.
Brian McGlynn, BioDirection's president and chief executive officer, commented that the funding will allow the firm to wrap up final design of its two Tbit operating systems.
The contract, valued at USD50.8m, is part of the renovation of the airport's Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).
LAX has unveiled plans for over 60 new dining and retail outlets Los Angeles International airport has unveiled plans for over 60 new dining and retail outlets which will open within the revamped Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).