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a locomotor response toward or away from an external stimulus by a motile (and usually simple) organism

the surgical procedure of manually restoring a displaced body part

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Personal estate (as has been before remarked), from the difficulty in tracing it, cannot be subjected to large contributions, by any other means than by taxes on consumption.
Fourth, eliminating federal income taxes will not relieve taxpayers of the necessity of keeping records, filing returns, or being audited.
The recent election sent to Congress droves of new members intending to cut taxes.
Income tax apportionment is one of the most critical aspects of the state income tax landscape," said Bob Montellione, vice president in charge of state and local taxes at Prudential Financial and former chair of the Council On State Taxation (COST).
Canada Income Tax Treaty of 1980, as amended in 1995 (Treaty), is an important exception (see Protocol Amending the Convention Between the United States of America and Canada With Respect to Taxes on Income and on Capital Signed at Washington on September 26, 1980, as amended by the Protocols Signed on June 14, 1983, March 28, 1984, and March 17, 1995).
For example, the New York City Bar Association suggested that the definition focus less on the "possible use of the opinion by a person other than the practitioner's client and more on its use to sell a transaction having a significant purpose of avoiding taxes.
We prepare estimated taxes and give the client payment forms for all four quarters.
Fortunately, in these days of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) all peering over the shoulders of tax directors and CFOs, a new management tool has emerged to help ease the pain of reserving for taxes and immediately improve financial results: tax insurance.
This shift in emphasis created the need for a "new tax" curriculum, centered around taxes and business decisionmaking.
A year later, California passed Proposition 13 capping property taxes, and Time magazine almost ran out of extreme metaphors--"avalanche," "earthquake," "revolutionary"--to describe it.
Finance Minister Flaherty observed recently that "Canada stands out as one of four OECD countries that still impose capital taxes and one of three that impose retail sales taxes on investment.
If they are not, they are subject to federal taxes and a 10% penalty.
The EFTPS is a free service provided by the Treasury, and allows businesses and individuals to pay their federal taxes electronically.