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rate used to calculate tax liability

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A tax base is said to be tax-exclusive if the amount paid as tax is not included in the base to which the tax rate (or rates) applies, and is said to be tax-inclusive if the amount paid as tax is included in the base.
Let E denote the per unit excise tax, g the GST rate, and [P.sup.0] the tax-exclusive price of the good.
Gale (2005) contends that the 30-percent tax-exclusive rate in H.R.
Part IV discusses issues arising from discrepancies between the tax-inclusive estate tax and the tax-exclusive gift tax, the need for special rules for annuity and life insurance contracts, the need for the so-called "string" provisions of Secs.
It is necessary to express all indirect taxes in terms of a tax-exclusive ad valorem tax rate.
said Friday it will effectively cut the prices of its GameCube and Game Boy Advance SP video game consoles by changing their pricing to tax-inclusive from tax-exclusive on Monday.
By correcting for these assumptions by holding the real size of government constant, the author discovers that the required tax inclusive national sales rate would be more than 50 percent and the required tax-exclusive sales rate would be more than 100 percent.
In addition to valuation discounts for gifts of minority interests and lack of marketability, the tax-exclusive nature of the gift tax as opposed to the tax-inclusive nature of the estate tax can lead to significant tax savings.
The ability to make sales of gasoline at a tax-exclusive price to institutional buyers (such as school districts, local governments or police departments) is a competitive advantage over persons who sell only at retail.