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the act of reducing taxation

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Barney Frank's (D-Mass.) plan for congressional reform.) And the pay-as-you-go rules, which many liberals are wary of, thinking that they would hold back investment in public services, are absolutely central to breaking the racket of cheap tax-cut politics.
But the purpose of the present tax-cut proposal is not surplus distribution but revival of the economy.
Tax Commission head Hiromitsu Ishi has called on the government to stop resorting to manipulation of the tax system to stimulate the economy and voiced willingness to scrap some tax-cut measures.
Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican, astonished the overwhelmingly Democratic legislature when, during his 1997 State of the State address, he abruptly abandoned his complicated grocery-tax refund plan to embrace a hodge-podge of half-serious Democratic tax-cut proposals without any prior warning.
But under her tight-fisted, tax-cut induced budget priorities, no one knows where this money could come from.
Their job is to draft a major tax-cut bill for Congress to pass, ideally by year-end, to avoid closing out 2017 without a single big legislative win.
Not only did the Democrats lose the tax-cut wrestling match, they allowed themselves to be outmaneuvered on what should have been the separate issue of extending unemployment benefits.
Enough Democrats caved in to Bush on his tax-cut proposals to make them law.
"If someone thinks that this committee is through moving worthwhile and useful [tax-cut] legislation because [of] some number agreed to under the budget reconciliation rules to get 51 votes in the Senate," said Thomas, "I'm trying to dissuade people of that." One probable tax-cut vehicle is the upcoming minimum-wage-increase bill, to which business lobbies have a long wish list of expensive tax breaks they want to attach.
Robert Naiman of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a Washington, D.C., think tank, points out that a program of universal health insurance would cost a little less than Bush's massive tax-cut proposal.
Under this year's current fixed-sum, tax-cut scheme, the government deducted 55,000 yen per taxpayer from his or her annual income tax sum, while subtracting 27,500 yen per dependent.
The increase in the credit was initially approved in the tax-cut legislation of 2001, but it was intended to phase in gradually.
The GOP's midterm wins depended heavily on their advantages in five areas that are either unlikely to persist or were overrated to begin with: a reliance on white voters, the growth of exurban voters, heavy GOP turnout, the tax-cut issue, and war.
How do other groups fare under the Bush tax-cut plan?
While the Democrats are figuring out how to do all that, Bush has been out touring the country, promoting his tax-cut plan in very simple terms.