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the act of reducing taxation

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And the pay-as-you-go rules, which many liberals are wary of, thinking that they would hold back investment in public services, are absolutely central to breaking the racket of cheap tax-cut politics.
Indeed, tax-cut defenders justify lower taxes on the richest people and companies as a means of encouraging people and companies to seek income and make investments.
But the purpose of the present tax-cut proposal is not surplus distribution but revival of the economy.
I won't close my eyes to a good tax-cut plan," said Rep.
Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican, astonished the overwhelmingly Democratic legislature when, during his 1997 State of the State address, he abruptly abandoned his complicated grocery-tax refund plan to embrace a hodge-podge of half-serious Democratic tax-cut proposals without any prior warning.
In fact, taken literally, the budget act seems to invalidate the whole tax-cut bill, since it entails revenue losses after fiscal 2011.
think tank, points out that a program of universal health insurance would cost a little less than Bush's massive tax-cut proposal.
David Dreier, R-Covina, a co-sponsor of Bush's tax-cut bill, said the plan works around the current budget.
The GOP's midterm wins depended heavily on their advantages in five areas that are either unlikely to persist or were overrated to begin with: a reliance on white voters, the growth of exurban voters, heavy GOP turnout, the tax-cut issue, and war.
How do other groups fare under the Bush tax-cut plan?
While the Democrats are figuring out how to do all that, Bush has been out touring the country, promoting his tax-cut plan in very simple terms.
While there clearly is some sentiment for cooperation - both congressional Republicans and the administration want to shore up Social Security, for example - GOP leaders also seized on Clinton's comments to advance their tax-cut proposals.
Bush in presenting a major Tax-cut plan, the two GOP candidates are engaged in a debate that is, by conservative standards, unusual: Whose proposal does the most for taxpayers in the middle and lower portions of the income scale?
This tax-cut bill is not going anywhere,'' said Rep.
The joint legislative tax committee is considering 90 tax-cut proposals, but the focus is on cutting the vehicle-license fee, also known as the car tax.