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an advantage bestowed by legislation that reduces a tax on some preferred activity

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Capital Square seeks to provide accredited investors with tax-advantaged real estate investment programs that qualify for tax deferral, provide passive income during the investment's holding period and deliver superior risk-adjusted returns when taken full-cycle.
Through this merger, DirectPath will emerge as one of the largest CDHP third-party administrators in the country offering integrated, concierge-quality health care transparency, tax-advantaged CDHPs and COBRA/retiree billing administration to employers.
However, our survey data suggests that women may be more receptive than men to learning more about tax-advantaged products - so advisors can build trust by helping them address this perceived knowledge gap.
investors (83%) say 401(k) and other tax-advantaged accounts are extremely (43%) or very (40%) important to achieving a comfortable retirement, according to a survey.
Note that tax-advantaged bond funds are not good investments for IRAs and 401(k)s because these are tax-deferred accounts, so the tax advantage is lost.
Saving through tax-advantaged plans such as 529s would be the smart way to go about this goal, he suggests.
Dealers are also ineligible for tax-advantaged like-kind exchanges.
Similarly, an S corporation is also a desirable target in a tax-advantaged acquisition strategy known as a Section 338(h)(10) transaction.
163(j) legitimately targets the tax-advantaged siphoning of U.S.
Under an IRS pilot program, however, those seeking tax-advantaged spin-offs under section 355 of the Internal Revenue Code face new uncertainty in respect of the tax consequences of the transaction.
Free investment services through Raymond James include retirement planning, financial planning, life insurance, tax-advantaged college savings planning, long-term care planning and portfolio reviews.
Currently there are more than 40 tracking stocks, which are seen as more tax-advantaged to company operations and, thus, shareholders.
Capital Square, a national investment sponsor specializing in tax-advantaged real estate offerings, has announced that it has selected Altigo, a technology platform developed by WealthForge, in order to bring straight through processing automation to their alternative investments, the company said.
LEGISLATION ALLOWING tax-advantaged long term care products to be used for other retirement purposes has been introduced in the House of Representatives.