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(law) the residence where you have your permanent home or principal establishment and to where, whenever you are absent, you intend to return

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It is not satisfactory for a foreignregistered company to claim tax residence in Jersey without demonstrating a substance here.
However, FATCA focuses only on tax evasion by US Persons, whilst CRS targets offshore tax evasion based on an account holder's country (or countries) of tax residence.
84) Ruth Mason considers a number of possible tests that would move away from citizenship taxation, but not all the way to strict residence taxation, such as a focus on whether a citizen (but not a noncitizen) maintains an abode in the United States, or a rebuttable presumption that a citizen (but not a noncitizen) has a tax residence in the United States.
Malta Income Tax treaty, the definition of tax residence is a person who is subject to U.
The regulations should permit taxpayers to report their employees based on the tax residence of their employer.
The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service released late Thursday further measures to rein in corporate tax inversions that allow companies to move their tax residence overseas to avoid paying U.
The OECD also recommends changes to rules that allow companies to make sales worth billions of dollars in a country without establishing a tax residence there simply by having a tax haven entity rubber-stamp sales contracts.
Although tax rates have fallen, most countries have expanded their withholding tax regimes, introduced modern definitions of tax residence and permanent establishment concepts and published transfer pricing guidelines aimed at bringing increased sources of income into the domestic tax net.
DAVID HICKS Deloitte THE statutory residence test has now been with us for two years and has helped to provide individuals with more objective criteria by which to decide upon their tax residence position (when compared with the old rules) and to give all parties concerned greater certainty as to their UK tax status.
Value Added Tax Certificates and Tax Residence Certificates; view the Ministry's
As well as living in a tax haven, when he took over Boots in 2007 he moved the firm's formal tax residence from Britain to lowtax Switzerland.
Tax inversions, when businesses move their tax residence outside of the U.
The Omnicom-Publicis tie-up would also have involved an advantageous change of tax residence but faced a series of problems, including anti-trust hurdles in China, which may also snag Pfizer.
The newly merged company is to set up its legal headquarters in the Netherlands and take up tax residence in Britain.
Apple relies for tax benefits on contrasting approaches to determining tax residence in Ireland and the United States.