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rate used to calculate tax liability

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This is because the effective tax rates become intrinsically linked to bond yield in the structural model.
According to WalletHub's analysis, these 15 companies - General Motors included - pay the lowest overall tax rates.
Only American Express and General Motors paid higher international tax rates than Nike, at 258 percent and 157 percent respectively, on income that is subject to taxation, WalletHub found.
The macro approaches compute the effective tax rates based on aggregated macroeconomic data, contained in the national accounting of individual states.
True, some progress has been made in recent years in narrowing the huge gap between the tax rates for residential and commercial-industrial properties.
Summary: Muscat: Oman figured favourably in the annual corporate income tax and indirect tax rate survey .
1 Corporate Income Tax Rate (1) Country Central Adjusted Subcentral Combined Targeted government central government corporate corporate corporate government corporate income tax tax rates income tax corporate income tax rate (5) (6) rate (2) income tax rate (4) rate (3) Australia * 30.
While, on average, there is not a substantial disparity in the effective tax rates, there are wild swings from company to company, thanks to some special circumstances.
The adverse impact of the income tax is exacerbated because of its progressive structure, with marginal tax rates being greater than average tax rates.
Further, parents who had planned to sell a child's college stock portfolio in 2006 when the child reached 14 now have to wait if they intend to take advantage of the latter's lower tax rate.
And, coupled with low property tax rates, these communities continue to attract development that keeps their economies--and their schools--vibrant.
As a result, TEI recommends that the Standing Committee continue to review and monitor the competitiveness of the Canadian corporate income tax system, especially corporate tax rates, to ensure that Canada remains an attractive environment for business investments.
The LDP Research Commission on the Tax System hopes the planned regrouping of liquor tax rates will help narrow tax-rate differences between alcoholic beverages, each of which carry different tax rates based on their raw materials and method of production.
While there is incentive for states to compete for these tax revenues by lowering their tax rates, this potentially reduces the aggregate tax revenues for a nation or a union of nations.