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rate used to calculate tax liability

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Laser-focused on providing broader coverage and a greater level of precision, BNA Sales Tax Rates helps address this administrative nightmare by reducing errors, alleviating audit risk and eliminating under or overpayment of sales tax.
Being a homeowner, I also know that tax rates and services and schools and all that stuff really affects the market in this town, and that is all predicated on services,'' Mr.
Summary: Muscat: Oman figured favourably in the annual corporate income tax and indirect tax rate survey .
While, on average, there is not a substantial disparity in the effective tax rates, there are wild swings from company to company, thanks to some special circumstances.
The adverse impact of the income tax is exacerbated because of its progressive structure, with marginal tax rates being greater than average tax rates.
Further, parents who had planned to sell a child's college stock portfolio in 2006 when the child reached 14 now have to wait if they intend to take advantage of the latter's lower tax rate.
And, coupled with low property tax rates, these communities continue to attract development that keeps their economies--and their schools--vibrant.
As a result, TEI recommends that the Standing Committee continue to review and monitor the competitiveness of the Canadian corporate income tax system, especially corporate tax rates, to ensure that Canada remains an attractive environment for business investments.
By taking advantage of these different liquor tax rates, brewers have released beer-like beverages at low prices.
lowered the ammout of federal tax withheld from their workers' paychecks, reflecting lower tax rates for most people and a larger standard deduction for married couples.
California's income tax rates are already the highest in the nation and are radically disproportionate.
Eichel had initially boosted his public profile with a broad tax reform which combined a reduction of income tax rates with a reduction of the corporate tax.
You write that the '90s, an economic golden age, were a time when marginal tax rates were extremely high.
The bill will allow municipalities more flexibility to address imbalances in various tax rates, he adds.