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a country or independent region where taxes are low

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He added that neither he is named in Panama Papers nor he has any offshore company in Panama or in any tax heaven of the world.
He reaffirmed that "Both neither I, nor Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had any account in Panama and any tax heaven and I did 'legal' business under the United Nation's Oil for Food Programme.
Sets up an off-shore trust in Cyprus - a tax heaven in the EU.
Inevitably, Cyprus's domestic situation was discussed: British Liberal deputy Graham Watson criticised Nicosia for not engaging in dialogue with Turkey and Greens-EFA aCo-Chair Rebecca Harms (Germany) underlined tax heaven concerns.
Talking tough and driving in a point that India cannot be a used as a tax heaven, Gujral said, " The apprehension that the retrospective amendments would create negative sentiment for FDI is not correct.
Bulgaria is Europe's tax heaven, but it does not benefit from this over bureaucratic regulations," Chukarski further informed, adding their first choice of name for the party was "Bulgaria for Citizens and Regions," but they might have to change it over the civic movement, dubbed "Bulgaria for Citizens," established by former Bulgarian European Commissioner Meglena Kuneva.
The visit may end uncertainty for thousands of Russian and Cypriot owned companies based in Cyprus that grew for more than three years after Russia branded Cyprus as a tax heaven in 2007, and placed it in a back list together with more than 50 other countries.
To facilitate overseas investment, a relaxed requirement to be exempted from the tax heaven rules will be applied to foreign holding companies: Foreign subsidiaries whose shares of more than 40 percent are held by foreign holding companies will be entitled to the exemption, a 10 percent decrease from 50 percent.
The amount of the ISC is subject to withholding income tax of 15%, except to shareholders that are exempt or immune, and for those domiciled in a tax heaven jurisdiction (25%).
If you create a tax heaven for a few people, you condemn the rest to a tax hell.
We've enjoyed our status as a tax heaven for a long time.