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a reduction in the gross amount on which a tax is calculated

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Allowing the prepayment of property taxes would lessen the damage of the new cap on state and local tax deductions, said Schumer.
Meanwhile, the White House is looking to keep tax deductions relating to mortgage interests.
The government will increase tax deductions for job-creating investments by counting one regular part time employee as 0.
Beginning with the 2012 tax return, the FTB says it may include reporting requirements related to real estate tax deductions.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans make it clear they want to keep common federal income tax deductions, regardless of whether the proposed elimination of those deductions is framed as part of a plan to lower the overall income tax rate or as a way to reduce the federal budget deficit.
You likely have a record of large donations made to your church or favorite charity, but smaller gifts, including food and clothing, can also count as tax deductions.
This article modifies Kaplow's (1992b) findings to explain why tax deductions for net losses might be socially optimal.
Fifth, as the chairman of the ASHRAE committee that published the benchmark for determining the energy cost savings under the law, it is my opinion that it will be extremely difficult to achieve sufficient energy cost savings that qualify for full tax deductions for the building envelope and mechanical systems, and almost impossible to achieve them economically.
Finally, Democrats say they'll seek a tuition tax credit worth up to $3,000 to replace a mish-mash of existing tax deductions.
Under the AMT, taxpayers with large amounts of regular tax deductions and credits (known as "preferences") have to add back these preferences, subtract flat exemption amounts, adjust for long-term capital gains taxes and recompute the tax (under a two-tiered rate) on the totals.
216 is "to give tenant-stockholders of housing cooperatives the same tax deductions as are allowed to homeowners" (Eckstein, 452 F2d 1036 (Cl.
The total tax deductions are equal, but bonus depreciation moves half the deductions to the time of purchase, a valuable change because a dollar today is better than a dollar next year or later.
Possible downside: Costs money upfront in the form of tax deductions.
Inventoriable costs is another area of difficulty in separately identifying book expense and tax deductions.