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a reduction in the gross amount on which a tax is calculated

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To see the 2016 tax deductible limits for long-term care insurance visit the organization's website (www.
The law states business entertainment costs are not tax deductible - but there is no precise definition of what business entertainment might constitute.
You can have a buy-sell agreement be tax deductible, and in this way provide for what will happen in the event that your business partner dies or leaves the business.
Convert consumer debt like credit cards, which is not tax deductible, into equity debt, which is.
Military Retiree Allotment Program is a great way to make your tax deductible contribution to the DAV and help build better lives for America's disabled veterans and their families.
Staff party costs are fully tax deductible as an expense of the business and non-taxable on the employee.
The Price per ticket is $250 ($200 tax deductible), $2,500 per table of ten ($2,000 tax deductible.
When acquired goodwill and intangibles are tax deductible, the difference in income for accounting purposes and tax purposes, or the book/tax difference, is recognized as a tax liability or asset.
I think that we need to go further and also make long term care insurance fully tax deductible.
Regardless of how the plan acquires stock, company contributions to the trust are tax deductible (within certain limits).
But then you see the fine print - "Contributions are not tax deductible.
Besides, health care costs represented only 5 percent of employers' payroll cost and was fully tax deductible.
After pension plan assets grow to a certain level relative to plan liabilities, further contributions to the plan are no longer tax deductible.
com) is excited to announce its extended hours and the launch of its new web site just in time for those looking to make an end of year tax deductible donation for 2008.
com)-- Few consumers realize that long term care insurance premiums may be tax deductible and that special tax advantages are available for business owners advises the head of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.