capital gain

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the amount by which the selling price of an asset exceeds the purchase price

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In lieu of a deemed realization rule, Congress has twice chosen an entirely different reform path; namely, the institution of a carryover tax basis regime.
What is the tax basis of whole life policies which do not have explicit cost of insurance charges?
Where available, the tax basis stepup is a significant benefit sought by tax savvy acquirers.
In addition, the Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choice Improvement Act of 2015 (Act) made additions to reporting-requirements to curtail perceived abuses in the reporting of tax basis of assets in an estate.
If the tax basis in the shares is significant, this result can have a large favorable effect on the amount of taxable income the seller recognizes.
1001-1(e), and the buyer's tax basis is determined under a special set of rules.
The initial tax basis includes the cost of the home plus all settlement and closing costs.
The tax basis trust is a fairly recent development and was previously envisioned as being a revocable trust until the death of the first spouse to die.
Say a property owner bought a multifamily residential building in 1994 for $1 million The property shows accumulated depreciation of $364,000, leaving a tax basis of $636,000.
Cash and Tax Basis Financial Statements--Preparation and Reporting (CTB)--Learn presentation and disclosure for tax, cash and modified cash basis; the effects of OCBOA on audit, review and compilation procedures; and financial reporting and the differences between GAAP and the tax accrual and cash accounting methods.
One gain will be taxed, (obviously the smaller gain, since the taxpayer can claim either as a personal residence) and the owner will need to know the tax basis in that property.
Generally, in the case of a partnership's distribution to a partner, gain is not recognized except to the extent that any money distributed exceeds the adjusted tax basis of the partner's interest in the partnership immediately before the distribution (Sec.
This article examines why, in light of an anemic estate tax, taxpayers will seek to capitalize upon the tax basis rules found under IRC section 1014 (a.
The Company will pay Paul $5 million for the business (the present value of the lifetime stream of payments) and that will be the Company's tentative tax basis in the business.