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income from capital investment paid in a series of regular payments

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He also noted other key components to watch in the purchase process, including valuation, legal issues and tax aspects.
A key tax aspect of cross-purchase plans is that the purchaser gets an increase in his or her cost basis in the business equal to the purchase price.
He provides an overview describing which businesses benefit from LLC status, basic legal issues, tax aspects, preparing LLC articles of organization, preparing operating agreements, and gives advice on finding the right tax advisor and attorney.
Bryant discusses tax aspects of investing living on a fixed income long-term care issues how to pick a stock fund company and why it's important to have a financial advisor.
Among respondents, 63 percent say their organization has begun IFRS planning; of those, 75 percent have considered the tax aspects of IFRS readiness.
Summary: The global publishing, research and consultancy firm Oxford Business Group (OBG) aerecently signed a partnership agreement with a leading Libyan accountancy firm, aeMohamed Ghattour & Co PricewaterhouseCoopers, under which it will provide aecoverage of the accountancy and tax aspects of doing business for The Report: Libya aeae2008, OBG's first guide on the country's economy.
No one likes the idea of needing to go through bankruptcy, but if you find that the need arises, whatever the reason, one of the first places to look for guidance on the tax aspects of bankruptcy is Grant W.
Core materials include: "Mergers, Acquisitions & Buyouts," a book that examines the tax aspects of acquisitions; "Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Transactions," a volume that offers strategies to help minimize tax and other liabilities; "Delaware Law of Corporations and Business Organizations"; "Structured Mergers and Acquisitions," a guide to analyzing transactions from a financial perspective; "Takeovers: A Strategic Guide to M&A," a book that offers guidance on legal, securities and state corporate law in M&A; "Takeover Defense," offering guidance on defending against a hostile takeover"; and, "IRS Code and Regulations."
The 28-year-old former Durham University student, who specialises in advising on tax issues across the legal spectrum will join Ward Hadaway's 18-strong corporate finance team, advising on tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions, in addition to tax planning for the firm's property and employment clients.
He specialises in the tax aspects of corporate transactions.
Available courses cover a wide range of topics including Limited Liability Companies and S Corporations, Tax Aspects of Investments, Employment, Legal Issues, FASB/SAS Updates, and management consulting courses.
To provide comprehensive coverage, Windish's text also extensively covers tax aspects of various problems relating to (1) personal residences and (2) special kinds of real estate investments (e.g., REITs).
Kevin Holmes (The Netherlands) describes the international tax aspects of transfers of technology and examines the taxation of "know how" and technical services.
This will be a comprehensive document dealing with all legal and tax aspects of the sale.
Also published monthly, Mergers & Acquisitions is targeted to professionals involved in multi-national corporate restructurings and carries information on the tax aspects of cross-border restructuring and global M&A work.