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English economist remembered for his studies of the development of capitalism (1880-1962)

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Tawney was an historian, although in a manner that now resonates with contemporary literary "presentism," to the extent that his investigation of the past derived from his pressing concerns with "the present.
It is very important to stop feeding the fish once water temperatures reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit, as they go into a deep slumber and do not digest the food they may eat,'' Tawney said.
Tawney was an enthusiastic evangelist for trade boards.
He added: "The reforms which Tawney, Temple and Beveridge achieved in the 1940s represented the apogee of a shared 'big vision' for Britain in the last century.
SIGNED UP: Cyril Tawney was well-known for his songs with a nautical flavour (zzhwe100908MEMJenny8); MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Brian Lawton, Spinning Jenny MC, jokes with (left) Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick (zzhwe100908MEMJenny6); MADDY'S MAGIC: Maddy (the voice) Prior and Tim Hart at the Singing Jenny folk club in the mid 1960s.
Even on that abstract level, however, Finkelstein depends on old collections like Tawney and Powers's Tudor Economic Documents rather than newer editions of things like the parliamentary speeches.
In development terms, "The thing you need to understand is that it's the doughnut analogy: the Town of Estes Park is the hole, surrounded by an increasingly larger population base in the Estes Valley," says James Tawney, owner of the Ponderosa Lodge and developer of the Mary's Meadow co-housing experiment/condo complex.
Finally, the singing of Cyril Tawney, one of the founders of the English revival and the master of naval song, will be much missed, but his songs will live on.
Healthcare industry consultant Barbara Tawney used NeuralTools in a four-year study of patient load throughout the Richmond, Virginia metropolitan hospital system.
We (Brown & Trusty, 2005) identified several other approaches to establishing causality, the most common of which is the use of experimental and quasi-experimental designs (Creswell, 2005; Tawney & Gast, 1984).
At about the time Lonnie Donegan was bringing the railroad and plantation songs of the USA to suburban Britain, Cyril Tawney left the Royal Navy, where he had been an artificer (electrician) for 12 years.
Circumstance, however, dictated that her works debuted with those of artists born almost two decades later, including the coterie of painters on Coenties Slip alongside whom she lived and worked during her years in Manhattan: Jack Youngerman, Robert Indiana, Lenore Tawney, Ellsworth Kelly, Jasper Johns, and Robert Rauschenberg.
One patient died when he was sent away with a 'DIY home detox' kit after visiting the Stapleford Centre, which has branches in Belgravia, central London and Stapleford Tawney, Essex.
In corporate America, there's a heightened focus on risk management," says Mark Tawney, managing director, weather risk management at Swiss Re, New York.
The BBC's John Wilson is quoted as saying, "We have to be accepted as trustworthy reporters, especially in times of crisis" (as quoted by Paletz and Tawney 1992: 110).