Tautoga onitis

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large dark-colored food fish of the Atlantic coast of North America

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Abstract--The tautog, Tautoga onitis (Linnaeus), ranges from Nova Scotia to South Carolina and has become a popular target for recreational and commercial fisheries.
The tautog, Tautoga onitis (Linnaeus), ranges from Nova Scotia (Bleakney, 1963; Scott and Scott, 1988) to South Carolina (Sedberry and Beatty, 1989; Bearden (1)), although it is most abundant between Cape Cod and New Jersey (Bigelow and Schroeder, 1953).
Diel and seasonal activity patterns of adult tautog, Tautoga onitis, in lower Chesapeake Bay, inferred from ultrasonic telemetry.
Seasonal occurrence and site utilization patterns of adult tautog, Tautoga onitis, (Labridae), at manmade and natural structures in lower Chesapeake Bay.
Notes on the distribution and reproduction of the fish Tautoga onitis in Nova Scotia.
Spawning and fecundity of tautog, Tautoga onitis (L.
The labrid Tautoga onitis (tautog) is a highly prized game fish targeted by anglers fishing at natural and manmade structure (Briggs, 1977; Lucy and Barr, 1994).
Correlates between number of mates, shelter availability and reproductive behavior in the tautog Tautoga onitis.
Effect of temperature on activity and social behavior of the adult tautog Tautoga onitis under laboratory conditions.