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Age and growth of the tautog, Tautoga onitis (Linnaeus), from Rhode Island.
Age, growth, and reproduction of tautog Tautoga onitis (Labridae: Perciformes) from coastal waters of Virginia.
The sua in the tautoga as practised and demonstrated nowadays is only a mild indication of what our forefathers developed as traditional chants, composed out of the forceful emotions and power of expressive war music.
The Rotuman dance tautoga is divided into three categories [sua, tiap hi, tiap furau], Temo, Huai ta and Ki are the other Rotuman chants.
Another common thread that links Taibobo chants and dances and tautoga is the singing of 'iiieeee' to signal to the performers that they are approaching the end of the chant (Kaurasi 2004, pers.
Tautog All post-larval stages are Tautoga onitis associated with marine- polyhaline reef habitats.
Role of temperature in triggering migratory behavior of the adult tautog Tautoga onitis under laboratory conditions.
Abstract--The tautog, Tautoga onitis (Linnaeus), ranges from Nova Scotia to South Carolina and has become a popular target for recreational and commercial fisheries.
The tautog, Tautoga onitis (Linnaeus), ranges from Nova Scotia (Bleakney, 1963; Scott and Scott, 1988) to South Carolina (Sedberry and Beatty, 1989; Bearden (1)), although it is most abundant between Cape Cod and New Jersey (Bigelow and Schroeder, 1953).
Diel and seasonal activity patterns of adult tautog, Tautoga onitis, in lower Chesapeake Bay, inferred from ultrasonic telemetry.
The labrid Tautoga onitis (tautog) is a highly prized game fish targeted by anglers fishing at natural and manmade structure (Briggs, 1977; Lucy and Barr, 1994).
Correlates between number of mates, shelter availability and reproductive behavior in the tautog Tautoga onitis.
Age, growth, and reproduction of tautog Tautoga onitis (Labridae:Perciformes) from coastal waters of Virginia.