Taurus the Bull

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the second sign of the zodiac


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3), in which Fiorenza (Florence), distributing Medici roses and Florentine lilies over a Tuscan landscape, is accompanied by spring's zodiacal signs: Aries the Ram, Taurus the Bull and the Gemini Twins.
Orion the hunter, with one foot in the river, lifting his club and his shield to the great orange eye of Taurus the bull.
Orion slowly rises in the east preceded by Taurus the Bull whose head is marked out by the V shaped Hyades cluster.
This week's babies are born under Taurus the bull, which should make for pretty serene personalities, but with ruler planet Venus in Aries sparking off Mars in Aquarius, there'll be impatience to move faster than the typically sedate bull, perhaps more like the charging bull
TAURUS the Bull comes into focus just when spring is showing off her new clothes at a wonderful time of the year.