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an ancient city in northwestern Iran

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Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides will present to book next week in Nicosia at an event organised by KP Kyriacou bookshop and IB Tauris Publications.
8 May 2018 - UK-based publishing company Bloomsbury Publishing Plc (LSE: BMY) has completed the acquisition of the entire issued share capital of London-based academic publisher IB Tauris and Co.
IB Tauris published Reeves' first book, a political biography of Alice Bacon, the first woman to represent Leeds in the House of Commons, in December.
One of the key results of the study conducted by Tauris and van den Heuvel is that the observed parameters reflect that both white dwarfs were indeed produced in the present system.
His publisher IB Tauris said he didn't intend to cause trouble and the book was a "straightforward, unembroidered, eyewitness account of the key working relationship at the centre of government".
Josephine Woll's recent Reel Images: Soviet Cinema and the Thaw (London: Tauris, 2000) was the first English-language study of the Thaw period and covers only the period until c.
This book is something of a departure for the academic publishers, IB Tauris, being part a travel guide and part literary companion.
However, in the version George is following, the goddess Artemis substituted a stag in her place and transported Iphigenia to Tauris, where she became the goddess's priestess, charged with officiating at the ritual sacrifice of any stranger unfortunate enough to set foot on Taurian soil.
Like other resourceful scholars, Cheryl Law realized she had the basis for a second book as a by-product of her doctoral research, which was published as Suffrage and Power: The Women's Movement 1918-28 (Tauris, 1997).
IN THE end the full-time professionals of FC Tauris, from Rimavska Sobota in the mountainous regions of Slovakia, knew just too much for Irish League minnows Omagh Town in this Inter Toto Cup first round tie.
Tauris in association with The London Centre for Arab Studies, 1998.
Technically speaking, this was part of the festival's opera program, but with Bausch's staging of Gluck's Iphigenie auf Tauris ("lphigenia in Tauris") and Miranda Richardson straying into the realms of physical theater with Robert Wilson's version of Orlando, demarcation lines between art forms are not easy to define.
So why has this book been written, and why have Tauris published it?
Knebel also took part in the first performance of Goethe's Iphigenie auf Tauris. The author of graceful sonnets, Knebel collected his poetry in Sammlung Kleiner Gedichte (published anonymously in 1815; "Collection of Short Poems") and in Distichen (1827; "Couplets").
After murdering his mother, Clytemnestra (see Oresteia ), Orestes has been pursued by the Furies (see Erinyes ), and Apollo has said he will be cured of madness only if he rescues the statue of Artemis from the savage inhabitants of Tauris (the Crimea), who kill all Greeks they find in their country.