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United States poet and critic (1899-1979)

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Moby & Tate is a truly one of a kind fashion line," says Mikael Naygauz, owner of Moby & Tate.
At beloved New York restaurant Savoy, Tate found synchronicity as chef de cuisine for over four and a half years.
Directors were invited to the Tate to showcase their beers and, as a result, Jakehead India Pale Ale, Puffing Billy - a smoked bitter - and Les Saisonnier, which is Wylam's lemon balm and rosemary farmhouse ale, will be available at Tate venues from later this month.
The 5'10 Tate was then playing for the Seattle Seahawks when he delivered blindside block that injured Sean Lee who was then running and looking at his side on a scrambling Russell Wilson.
Tate remembers his father leaving early every morning to go work at one of his gas stations or car lots.
Organisers hope it will be the springboard for a campaign to bring a prestigious Tate to the area.
Teesside Crown Court heard how Tate had post traumatic stress disorder - undiagnosed at the time - when he armed himself.
Tate Liverpool''s outreach bus project van in April 1990
The agreement grants Tate & Lyle an exclusive worldwide licence for the technology for food and beverage use while Nandi Proteins retains the rights to develop the technology for other applications such as pharmaceutical.
Alex Beard, Deputy Director, Tate said: "We are delighted to partner with The Ultimate Travel Company in Tate Travels.
Plus Tate was launched at Tate Modern in London the day after the announcement of the Chancellor's comprehensive spending review in the Commons.
At Caernarfon Crown Court Tate, 22, of Maes Barcer, Caernarfon, was jailed for 16 months after he admitted aggravated vehicle taking and assault.
BT said it has worked with Tate for months, digitising footage and providing insights into artists and cultural figures from the 1960s until the present day.
This is the building (or something like it) the Tate always wanted to do: new, dramatic and uncompromised.
Jim Tate, global marketing manager for IGENITY, explains that functional genomics is the field of science that studies the natural variations in an animal's DNA sequence.