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the vast geographical region of Europe and Asia that was controlled by the Mongols in the 13th and 14th centuries


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Of Mazepa, Voltaire wrote that he was "a courageous, enterprising man, tirelessly industrious although advanced in years," who under very difficult circumstances "remained faithful to his new ally," while Ukraine was a fertile land "located between Little Tatary [that is, the Crimea], Poland, and Muscovy," which
But after this long campaign --six years in fact-in a strange land, the winter of 1708-9 was exceptionally severe and Charles's army, stuck in the eastern borderlands of this still vast Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, lacked sufficient supplies and was beginning to dwindle in numbers for lack of new Swedish recruits; he therefore left the road to Moscow and turned south to Ukraine, a fertile land, as the French philosophe put it, "located between Little Tatary [that is, the Crimea], Poland, and Muscovy," where supplies and a potentially powerful ally, Prince Mazepa, awaited him.
He later wrote about many historical events, as in Wojna domowa z Kozaki i Tatary (1681; "A Civil War with the Cossacks and Tatars"), an account of the Zaporozhian Cossacks' revolt, under the leadership of Bohdan Khmelnitsky, against Polish domination in the mid-17th century.
On the protests over the census of 1897, see Zagidullin, Perepis' 1897 goda i tatary Kazanskoi gubernii (Kazan: Tatarskoe knizhnoe izdatel'stvo, 2000).