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an Australian state on the island of Tasmania

an island off the southeastern coast of Australia

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Looney Tunes, the Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is famous for its aggressive eating habits and disturbingly loud screech.
Tasmanians have already lost one unique icon -- the fabled Tasmanian tiger -- so despite some locals complaining about the mangy little blood-thirsty critters, they are not keen on losing another.
Ryan's 1981 version of The Aboriginal Tasmanians is complete and unedited in this 1996 publication.
The first edition of The Aboriginal Tasmanians was published in 1981.
His book traces the history of Western attitudes towards the Tasmanian Aborigines under British colonialism and examines the link between anthropological research, government policies towards Aborigines, racism and the Aboriginal rights movement in Tasmania and Australia between 1803 and 1992.
His comparisons of the proportions of these traits indicate that Tasmanians display the most similarity to aborigines from southern Australia and appear far more similar to Australians in general than expected in so isolated a population, he says.