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rare doglike carnivorous marsupial of Tasmania having stripes on its back

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Reviving extinct DNA Scientists insert a bit of DNA from the extinct Tasmanian tiger into a mouse embryo (below).
THE last captive specimen of the Tasmanian tiger died in Hobart Zoo on September 7, 1936 - but could the species still be out there in the wild?
Images carved onto the red rocks include kangaroos, lizards and emu tracks as well as the extinct Tasmanian tiger which died out on the mainland 6,000 years ago.
Together they conclude that the animal could be a rare Tasmanian tiger, long considered extinct.
An interesting parallel exists between the ivorybills and the Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacinus cyanocephalus), a marsupial carnivore.
Now available in paperback, Carnivorous Nights: On the Trail of the Tasmanian Tiger (Villard Books, $14.
He has traveled to the rainforests of Brazil and Guyana in search of authentic specimens and to the South Pacific to sketch the extinct Tasmanian tiger in a local laboratory (6).
The animals don't exist anywhere else in the world, and researchers are afraid they'll go the way of the extinct Tasmanian tiger.
The artist himself was present during regular gallery hours to explain to visitors that they were looking at the cemetery where Karl Marx lies buried or at the last photo of the last Tasmanian tiger before it went extinct--and already the images looked different.
Finally, Australia's Tasmanian tiger, a hybrid critter that once actually existed, is discussed - if researchers can't find one, they threaten to clone it.
Extinct: Tasmanian Tiger (C4, 7pm) reports that the last one was shot dead by a farmer in 1930.
A man, ostensibly a naturalist operating under the pseudonym Martin David, seeks the last Tasmanian tiger, reportedly sighted by Jarrah Armstrong, a bioethics expert who has disappeared on the same plateau where Martin, or M, commences his hunt.
And since this is a history of shame and silence, the voices come from odd places: a Tasmanian tiger (extinct) who addresses a very funny colloquium of Australian animals, a bar singer whose screaming guitar is perfectly understood as narrative by his drunken audience, co-workers named Pig's Breath and Cockroach who offer snappy, expert analysis of Cosini's messy mind.
The animal represented on the Boags label is the Tasmanian Tiger, a rare marsupial that may be extinct (There have been no conclusive sightings since 1934.
2 and was co-creator of the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series, which sold over two million copies.
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