Tasman Sea

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an arm of the southern Pacific Ocean between southeastern Australia and New Zealand

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The glaciers lie at the junction of the Southern Alps and the Tasman Sea on the west coast of South Island in New Zealand.
One species most at risk is the Flesh-footed Shearwater, which forages on the Tasman Sea and breeds on Lord Howe Island.
The technology has been employed in the on-going Ashes series between Australia and England and will now also be in action across the Tasman Sea for the games in Wellington starting today and in Hamilton from December 19 at the request of both teams.
Onlookers say the pair were particularly taken by one prospective love-nest with views across the Tasman sea.
and Emirates final approval Wednesday to form a five-year global alliance, with special conditions for flights across the Tasman Sea.
When the Kiwis began the long march towards safety, hoping Cyclone Sandra would blow in off the Tasman Sea and rescue them, Anderson and Broad's partnership with the new cherry was restored.
THE Australasian auction season moved over the Tasman Sea for the Karaka Premier Yearling Sale in New Zealand this week.
Fraser had outlined the US proposal "for two test launchings of the new MX missile to the Tasman Sea off Cape Pillar".
The Whanganui flows 180 miles from the volcanic slopes of North Island, through Whanganui National Park, and meets the Tasman Sea at the town of Whanganui.
Cricket Australia announced the itinerary which will run at the same time as the national team embark on a limited overs series across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand.
But Howley says he wouldn't be surprised if Gatland made it across the Tasman Sea before the conclusion of the Australian expedition in June.
From the Mozambique Channel eastward beyond Australia and into the Tasman Sea a trough line is identified with two major vortex cores.
The announcement ends any hope the All Blacks had of poaching the New Zealander back across the Tasman Sea following the World Cup, which gets under way next month.
Over the past 60 years, surface water temperatures in the Tasman Sea have risen by nearly 2[degrees]C as a result of general ocean warming, as well as local effects caused by the southward extension of the East Australian Current.